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On-Site Garden

The Rochester Golf & Country Club is proud to have a priority in sustainable practices. With a 10,000 square foot garden on site, our Executive Chef is never in short supply on fresh, daily picked produce which turn into delicious appetizers, meals and garnishes in the kitchen.

Honey Bees

Each summer RGCC hosts 400,000 honey bees. With an eye towards protecting and sustaining the MN honey bee population, RGCC hosts these pollinators and harvests 400+ pounds of unfiltered honey each season.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is a top priority at RGCC. Water used on the golf course comes from an extensive water reclamation process, leading and returning to our 1.5-acre lower irrigation pond on the property. Pumping 1,500 gallons per minute, the irrigation systems sets RGCC apart from other courses.


Throughout the 2018 restoration projects, RGCC has found ways to conserve and reuse resources whenever possible. From making benches out of downed trees to repurposing old cart path rock for new cart path base layers.