Our Members

Members at RGCC can be described in one word. . . social. It is the members and their attitude that give our club its feel. You can almost hear the chatter and memories being developed as you drive into the parking lot. Members here join for the golf, the food, and the pool. They stay for the friends.  

Friday nights are members favorite night to gather, reminisce and release the tensions the week may have brought. In the Shawnee Dining Room, families and friends gather in celebration and share great views of the course over an excellent meal all the while enjoying each others company. The feel on the course is fun, frustrated (if you golf, you understand), casual, peaceful, sometimes a little wild, and interactive. The pool is the social 'hotspot' all summer long. Our members are what make up our club; come join us and you're sure to meet some terrific people adding enjoyment to your life.  

Impressively, half of our 470 members have been a member for more than 11 years. That's a powerful statement about what our members think of their club. To give you a better idea of what members are like at RGCC, we asked a few of our members to give us their description of an RGCC member; here's what they had to say:


"I recently left the Rochester Golf & Country Club on April 1st.  I came back as a guest to play a couple rounds for Brock Petersen’s tournament.   After a few of days walking through the amazing pines I felt like I was on vacation.  I decided to rejoin the RGCC just one month after leaving, which says a lot about what an amazing place it is "What I missed the most at the RGCC is the comraderie that exists.  I have made so many lasting friendships and it seems like a second family.  I am truly glad to be back!" - Gabe Holmes